Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 2: Post College has been some time since I last updated my blog! So much has happened to me over the last year! I graduated college, moved back home, and got a real job! lol! Sometimes it has still not hit me that I am not in college anymore, but I am trying to embrace it and start planning for the next chapter in my life! I am now engaged to the guy I have been seeing for about 6 1/2 years! I could NOT be happier about it, I only wish I got to see him more often! Dylan and I will be married on July 31, 2010! Right now I am juggling working all the time and planning a wedding! I DEFINITELY do not have a 8-5 kind of a job, and I love it! I get to work with all kinds of people and plan events! I do not know what God has for my future, I have just decided to accept that and take this wonderful opportunity one day at a time!

I was also blessed with another nephew this year! His name is James Steven King, and he was born on September 11, 2009! It is the first baby from John and Angela, so that is very exciting! I do not know when I will get to meet him, but he is the most precious thing ever!

I guess that pretty much sums up my life right now! I am so excited to be back and home and see my parents and long-time friends more! (even though I feel like I don't ever have enough time in the day to see everyone!) I love getting to hang out with my parents, and coming home to someone who has cooked me dinner is the coolest feeling ever! I think I started to forget just how amazing they are, but everyday it just seems like they do ONE more thing that wows me! They are the most kind and giving people you could ever meet! My dad is the most hardworking, wonderful Christian man, and my mom is the most giving and honest person you will meet! (i think the honesty part comes from her Japanese side...her craziness too!) My brother, John, and I have come to the conclusion my whole family has mad cow! I think that explains our crazy behavior, which is actually unexplainable! However, I would not change it for anything! And if I could change one thing it would be I wish we could all spend more time together!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The graduation cold feet...

So, I am totally pumped b/c as of May 9, 2009, I will be a college grad!! And although I couldn't have wanted anything more, it's a little nerve wracking. However, I think I needa start focusing on the now...and getting to that point! b/c if I do so, that will be a victory of its own. I am currently making up for lost time, and taking 23 credit hours! OMG....what was I thinking? Oh yeah...I really needa get the heck up outta dodge, or Ada in my case, but what?! Also, I do not think I have had a semester this stressful!! Blah!! Oh well!!

So, what to do after graduation?
I am hoping to hear back from a civil service job I applied for at Tinker AFB, but that will not come until about August, at the earliest. If not, I think I am going to plan on furthering my educational career, and starting my masters at the WONDEROUS ECU!! yaay!! lol...but I have decided to life it up! I have handed my future plans over, and just started praying. This semester has been the most stressful, as I have pointed out, but I think this couldn't have been better for my spiritual relationship w/God. All of life's situations have just made me more sure that I need God in my life sooo much!! I have seen him work more miracles in my life this semester than I ever could have asked for!! Anywho, keep lifting me up and crossing your fingers!!...and maybe May 9th will be here in a flash!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Team McCainiaks UNITE!!

So, as I said in my last blog, before I got on my soapbox, I am working with the Colorado Republican Party, here in Denver, in the McCain/Palin GOTV efforts. (GOTV= get out the vote) It has seriously been a life changing experience!! I have known for a few years that I was in love w/anything political, but I didn't realize how passionate I am about this stuff!! It really has made a change in me for the better. I have learned things about myself this week that I never would have otherwise. For example, I always thought that I guess i liked organization, but I wasn't good at it so it was always just go-with-the-flow. However, I don't think I have ever been so wrong. I have been able to work on my organizational skills so much and realized that I am good at it. I have found that I love to work hard, and at the end of the day look back and debrief on what worked/what didn't, and figure out how to makes things run more efficiently!!

Also, I just feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment...this whole time I have spent so much time thinking, "wow!! I learned this, and I have done this before, and it is helping work this better and more smoothly!) I know this sounding corny...but i just feel like a little kid at Disneyland. Now, I am NOT gna lie!! This is hard work, VERY frusterating at points, and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel. But then, I come home and look at how much we have done (and I mean it's like you work and you SEE results) and you see how important it is to keep working and it is so motivating.

We have been here for three days now, and in that time my group (the McCainiaks) have canvased about 900 homes, made over 1,250 phone calls, and been able to reach out to many random people who approach us!! It is the best feeling in the world. I feel like I am the one out there working to make a difference! I have a BLUE personality (for those of you who don't know...that is the personality type that tends to be more emotional and tender hearted) and it gets hard for me to do things that I cannot see a direct result of my work, and this is such the best thing to help counter that emotion. There is nothing like finishing canvasing a precinct, (an allotted area designated to a certain polling place) or leaving a phone bank knowing that you just called nearly a hundred people, especially when you get the few that sit and chat w/you about the awesome work you are doing and how they appreciate it! ( that was corny) But honestly, I know that I am working for the right cause, and to see direct positive feedback just boosts me up!! It gives me the second wind I need to walk another mile or to start another call sheet.

THE COOLEST PART!! Tomorrow, my amazing group is going to be headed for Colorado Springs to continue canvasing there (pretty much b/c every1 rocked it so much in Denver, and there was so many volunteers that flew/drove in to help) ...and theeeenn....I get to go to my FIRST ever big rally!! MITT ROMNEY is going to be there to speak!! I mean, it is not Palin (who we were promised) but I am soo excited!! At the point, I really am just having fun with almost everything!!

So, all good things must come to an end! :'( Sunday will be here before I know it and I must return to real life. I feel like I have been in a dream...a whirlwind really!! However, it will be back to homework and 9 o'clock classes for me. But, I think this will leave me wanting more!! I have known that I have wanted, somehow, to make a career out of this, but can I do it? What about all the things at home? This is a job w/a tremendous amount of travel and nontraditional that something I could do? I love it and think that, for the first time I love something so much AND I feel like it is something I am really good at!! I have NEVER found that...I was never the best dancer, the smartest, the most elegant speaker, but or even the most knowledgeable on my own favorite areas of interest!! I don't know how but I really want to make this work! I guess for now I will just take what is in front of me...two more amazing days, and the opportunity to volunteer more in the future!! I think that is good for now!!

OH...and word to all the Zeta Omega's out there...we just initiated our 1st pledge class!! lol!!

" can keep your change...b/c I can't afford to give you all of mine!"

So, I am in Colorado...having the best time of my life!! Although, getting out the vote is NOT an easy task!! I am the biggest politically active person you will find, and I cannot fathom why in the world people would not vote!! is not your right to is you civic OBLIGATION!! This country was founded on people who gave their lives for our right that we now take for granted!! And now, our country is in Limbo, awaiting the outcome and the direction our new commander and chief will lead us. So, with this said, I hope some of you out there are helping in the GOTV efforts. Anything can help, and to my fellow Republicans...the fight is NOT over, and we can still make a huge difference. It is my hope that voters will "smart'n up" when they walk into that polling place and remember, when it comes down to it, who has the experience and the RIGHT plan to get us out of this mess. Yeah, I agree that Obama'a nonsense speeches can be exciting, but where is more rhetoric going to lead us?? It will lead us into four more years of nothing getting done. We already have a liberal Congress that has dug this whole we now find ourselves in!! (and yes it is CONGRESS and not the PRESIDENT that decides most things) I just don't understand when people will realize this!! I can see where the simplicity of a message like "change" would sound encouraging and hopeful, but really? I think we are all intelligent enough to realize that our problems are NOWHERE near black and white. (no pun intended...or is it?) Sometimes I feel like so many people are making this about race, and that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!! I have been made to feel like I am a racist, because I don't support really?? I am pretty sure that I was raised to not see color, and some of my dearest friends are of all nationalities. Also, I come from a interracial background. (grandfather went to Japan for WW2, and married my grandmother who is from Japan) However, it seems to be everywhere...and it really gets me. Like, I can't tell you how many people I have heard that are pretty much voting for Obama so they don't seem racist. Like, Americans owe it to him?! I am a firm believer in the theory that no one owes you anything, you work hard for what you have. I think this is something that has seemed to have gotten lost in translation with my generation. Now, let me be the first one to say that I love nothing more than laying around my house doing absolutely nothing!! (my friends/family can attest to this!!) However, I know when it is time to work, and I think people my age, and younger, just seem to want something for nothing. (which I have also learned there is no such the scientific theory that something cannot be created from all comes from somewhere) Honestly, this is one of the scariest things I am worried about...the fact I am working hard to secure my future, and it might be all taken away in taxes!! So, can shove it b/c the change you want is going to be coming from hard working Americans pockets!! (and that is not change I am willing to give up!) I think Reagan said it best..."Republican act like everyday is the Fourth of July, and Democrats like it's April 15!" Also, this "spreading the wealth thing," uh yeah the words of a wise man, "in my neighborhood that is considered stealing!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


SO.... this is my first blog ever!! Kinda behind the times, but I am here now!!

I just got back from the most AMAZING trip to Italy and Greece!! I went w/the school, but it was soo fun!! Including travel time we were gone for about nine days!! From the time we got out of the airplane we were one the move!! (After waiting like two hours, in the airport trying to find the other half of the group and the tour guide!!)

We went straight into the city of Rome, right outside the historical districts. The plaza that we were in had all of the top designer stores!! It was amazing!! Luckily, my friend Kyle kept my feet on the ground by showing me the outrageous price tags!! wow!! I didn't realize how much the dollar sucks right now!! So, we opted for another, cheaper route!! We found the twin chapels that were beautiful!! We also peaked in some other brasilicas, and while coming out of one, Kyle almost got run down by a gypsy begger woman after putting a handful of American coins in her cup. (omg!! that was the funniest!!) As soon as we got to our cute hotel, outside of Rome, I almost fell asleep into my pasta!!

Day 3, I know it should have been two, but whatev!! We went to Florence!! It was soo cool!! I didn't realize how much I would appreciate taking Greek and Italian Political Philosophy right before the trip! We got to see some amazing sculptures and the Brunelleschi's DOME!! It was a lot of take it!! There was soo much to see! The coolest parts about this day was def the leather demo (yeah I will not be fooled again!!) and going to see a naked guy!! haha!! well...he was EVERYWHERE!! I didn't realize how naked everything was in Italy!! haha!! After we got back to Rome, I ate a pizza the size of my body and took the most gorgeous night tour of historic Rome!! We saw everything!! And I can't even tell you how beautiful it was!! All of the buildings were lit up!!! Ohh....and we almost saw McDreamy b/c he was there for a premiere!! cool, huh? And I was lucky enough to get bugged while we were in this plaza buy one of the guys that walk around and sell junk. He thought it would be funny to shock me w/this thing!! I took the thing and chunked it on the ground.... grrr!!!!

So, I think that is waay enough for now!! More to come!!